Tuesday, February 27, 2018

NARAL in Your Neighborhood Advocates for Reproduction Rights

Edward Anderton serves as the managing director of Scarlata Chocolate, a Seattle-based company he co-founded that creates premium chocolates using organic, gluten-free ingredients. Edward Anderton’s company donates chocolates for charity auctions hosted by nonprofit organizations such as NARAL Pro-Choice America. NARAL advocates for reproductive freedom nationwide through campaigns such as NARAL in Your Neighborhood. 

NARAL in Your Neighborhood is a nationwide advocacy event intended to spread awareness of reproductive rights and provide voting citizens with the necessary information to prepare for the 2018 elections. The campaign kicked off its 2018 cross-country tour in Illinois in January, with plans to visit Nevada and Georgia next. 

Based in Washington, D.C, NARAL Pro-Choice America aims to protect women’s access to birth control, abortion care, and paid parental leave. With the belief that abortion must remain accessible and legal, the organization seeks to educate lawmakers, citizens, and others about reproduction freedom. For more information, visit www.prochoiceamerica.org.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tips for Bachata Newbies

Certified Project Management Professional Edward Anderton cofounded Scarlata Chocolate, where he serves as the company's managing director. Away from work, Edward Anderton is an avid Latin dancer and has taught salsa and bachata classes to employees at Google.

Bachata dancing is a recent phenomenon in North America. For those who are new to it, here are a few tips:

- Be sure your basics are solid. The great thing about bachata is that you can make it as simple or as complex as you want. However, getting the form and timing right is vital. For men, this means finding the “1” beat. If you’re a woman, do not compete with your partner’s lead.

- Don’t smother your partner. Ideally, the closed embrace should resemble a hug. When first dancing with someone you don’t know well, use the open hand hold until you get to know the person better. Men should pay special attention to how their partners react to their frame. If the woman is resisting attempts to dance chest to chest, give her some space.

- Don’t be overly intimate. While establishing a connection with your partner is important, you don't have to be close the entire dance. The same is true for suggestive movements. Unless you know your partner well, observe the person’s comfort level and take your cue from him or her.